Monday, May 11, 2009

Sewing for My Sister

Last summer I was able to make a few dresses for myself. This one being my favorite. I like the style of the dress as well as the fabric, the same kind used for a men's oxford dress shirt and only $1 a yard.

The dress is made with Simplicity Pattern #3681.

Angie had asked me to make her a dress using the same pattern. She chose a cute seersucker fabric to make it out of. The worst part of sewing is cutting out the garment. So I cut it out Saturday night to get it out of the way. Plus fabrics without a designated front/back can be tricky.

I decided it was now or July to get this dress sewn. So I started on it Sunday afternoon at 4:30 and finished at 8:30. Not too bad considering I messed up on the same sleeve that I messed up on my dress and there is a ton of gathering with this dress.

The dress is a little shapeless so I made a cute little sash to tie around her waste to give the dress a better look.

Add a ribbon tag to help determine the front from the back
Excuse the blue marker, the dress hasn't been washed yet.
And don't look too close at the writing or you will see one of my mistakes.

When she tried it on it fit (huge relief) and it looked so cute. And by the looks of this picture it didn't fall apart. Which is a good thing, but not always guaranteed.

*I think I just figured out where the extra pieces that I don't use go. They are suppose to go on the neck band, but the instructions don't say how or where. But I think I know since my neckband is so much skinnier than the pattern picture.


elizabeth said...

oh my word, so cute! can you make one for this sister?? and are you wearing a belt around yours?? it is precious!

vanessa said...

Bring your sewing machine this summer and we can all make one together! I am wearing a belt around mine, I didn't make a sash for it.

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