Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day

I can't believe today is May Day. Summer is so close and I love summer.
Love theses May Day Cupcakes from Martha. Maybe next year I will make these and have a May Day cookout since 5/1 will be on a Saturday next year. Now I am excited! Something to look forward to after this May is over.........

Because this May this is what we will be doing

If you call us to have dinner, go fishing, go to the farm, go to the lake, go shopping or go to the beach (ok maybe I would go to the beach) we will have to say No because of The List. May 2009 is the month of Bathroom Week, Dining Room Week, and Kitchen Week. Throw in 6 baseball games, 2 softball games, my Jr League Derby Party, a trip to Winfield and we have all the excitement we need.

I am a total slave driver and I have already gotten a commitment from Eric that he will stay up past 9 pm (huge deal) every night to help get our Kitchen, Bathroom and Dining Room renovated.

First up is Bathroom Week. It takes up 2 blank weeks because we have no clue what we are going to do in there. I have bought tile for the floor but other than that we aren't sure. Sunday night we are forming the E & V Bathroom Exploratory (seriously that is how we do things around here) to come up with a plan. Take the tub and wall out? not sure what we will decide or find.

Up next we have Dining Room Week. Not too much going on in here. Eric is making our table and I bought chairs off of craigslist that need to be painted and the cushions recovered. Eric will also be making shelves for my chest of drawers with no drawers only shelves to hold my milk glass and new shelves for the china cabinet. The light will be replaced as well.

Then we have Kitchen Week. The worst part about the kitchen will be going to Atlanta to get the counter tops then staining them 2x then sealing them every 12 hours for 5 coats. But then I don't think I will enjoy painting the cabinets either. E is in charge of putting up bead board, rebuilding the pantry, moving some electrical outlets, taking up the old floor hopefully no surprises there and then laying the brick floor. We have 2 weeks allotted for Kitchen Week so we will be working hard.

Because after Kitchen Week comes June 2nd aka V's Birthday and I am having a Birthday Lunch at my house so this has to be finished.

After all ugly and maybe severe boredom for some and you are still reading I will leave you with this pretty. My favorite flower arrangement right now. I can't wait to make this. We have a HUGE I mean like 8' huge gardenia bush in our back yard. No hostas at the 613 house yet, but we are getting there and we do have some wild ferns growing in our back jungle.

I will have this pretty on my new dining room table come June 2nd at my birthday lunch.


elizabeth said...

what is your birthday lunch going to include??

vanessa said...

Well probably just chicken salad that kind of thing. But my boss gives us the day off on our birthday so I may cook something. We are eating on my china. I told E I would fix his PBJ and let him eat it on the china!

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