Thursday, May 14, 2009

Junior League Graduation

Tuesday night Junior League held their graduation / Derby party. This was my first year in Junior League so I was one of the women that "graduated" from LIT to an active member.

The party was held at one of the Ag Barns on the campus of Auburn University.

One of the things I love about AU is that this is a part of campus. You look out and see pastures and barns and then look over and see stadium lights

Inside of the barn

I was a little disappointed in the lighting choices. These light fixtures look like the ones in my elementary school auditorium. I would have chosen something more along these lines...

Since it was a Derby themed party, we all wore hats. Mine wasn't a derby hat, but I worked with what I had.

My friends and I all joined Jr League together.
We don't branch out too much, but we adopted
Mary Kathryn even though she graduated from Alabama in Interior Design.

After the party we were still hungry so we headed over to Ariccia.
Since we were still wearing our hats, everyone of course stared at us.

One man asked me if we were celebrating because I graduated from college on Saturday.

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The Wileys said...

You all looked so cute!

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