Friday, May 8, 2009

It's Friday!

Not too much to report on today.
On the bathroom front we decided the best thing to do is take the morter bed and plaster off the shower walls and get it down to the concrete block. After that we are going to put 2 layers of durock up then the tile.
We did get the sink out, only to discover that the pipes are corroding enough that E wants to take the bead board off the wall and replace the sink pipes. Hopefully that will get done tonight and when we get back into town on Sunday the backerboard can go down.

I have started to think the bathroom may run into dining room week on the calendar, but we are still going to work hard and I am starting to stagger projects since there is a lot that I can't do right now. And to add onto that, the guy helping Eric with the landscaping and irrigation said he would be ready to work next week!
But something that makes me happy is the UPS man showing up at my door next week with these goodies.
I ordered this topiary from Crate & Barrel to put on my gate leg table.

photo from

I did order the bathroom faucet yesterday, can't wait to get it. Since I am cheap I won it off of ebay for $30!

bathroom faucet

I also ordered the kitchen faucet yesterday. Can't wait to have a sink that is deeper than 6" and a faucet that has an arch higher than 1". And once again since I am cheap I won this faucet too off of ebay for $70!

kitchen faucet

Well we are off this weekend to help with the bathroom renovation at the lake cabin. The sooner my parents finish this project the sooner they can come help us with ours, right mother and daddy!!?? SOS

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