Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Claire Belle!

Tomorrow is this special little girl's birthday.
She will be 5

Claire was given to me by Eric for my 22nd birthday.

She makes us so happy and keeps us from wanting real kids (no offense Claire)

Claire the day she was born!

Claire's breader use to dress her up and send us pictures all the time. This one she took for Eric for Father's Day. When we went to pick Claire up, the lady had a ton of tiny dog clothes hanging on tiny dog clothes hangers. It was hilarious! Remember that Elizabeth?

Some of the things she loves to do are.......

Hunt - gross but I am proud when she catches something

Nap - more than anything else. This picture was NOT staged.

Swim -hence the lifejacket, she will swim forever if we let her.

Happy Birthday Claire Bear!

*If Claire comments on this post, I will mail all of my readers' dogs a bone!


Bradley said...

I finally saw your blog today!! Love it! You are too funny!!Happy Birthday to your little one!! My little one will be one next week!

vanessa said...

I was just about to email the address to you. I am going to try to make Janie Belle's party, we have to go to Atlanta that morning.

elizabeth said...

i don't know what you are talking about. i wasn't on that trip, remember??

vanessa said...

Oh yes now I remember you weren't there!!

Anonymous said...

hey mom! thanks for the special post just for me! they all should be of me since i am so beautiful. thank you for being such a great mom and giving me 5 wonderful years!!! i love you!!!
claire belle kleypas (aka claire bear, bear bear, bear belle, ugh!claire!)

ps i think you should write a song just for me!

vanessa said...

Claire you commented! But you are too late, you were suppose to comment yesterday. I know that I left you last night and e was at the baseball game so I guess that is a good excuse. Is that why you dug a huge hole at lunch and then ran under the bed so I couldn't clean you off. Then you were

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