Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Brooks!

Today is my nephew's birthday

He turned
years old today. It is exciting to see him getting older, but still sad to see him grow up.

Brooks is the funniest kid around. He always calls me when there is a Charlie Brown movie on tv. When he comes to stay with us, he always has to sleep on a "pilot" instead of a pallet. He also use to call airplanes "hairplanes" and calls fabric "favric". One time he asked my mom if God uses tape or glue to put babies arms on their body. He always makes Eric play sports with him, but he does give him a half time and serves him half time water. Last time he was in Auburn he wore his full cowboy outfit with a painted mustache ALL day, everywhere we went. He spells my name Vunesu but he calls me Sissy. When he calls Claire "Clair A Belle"

Look how cute he was when he was a baby! He had the prettiest hair, everyone thought he was a girl.


Love Urk, Sissy, & ClairABelle

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