Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Four Years Ago Today...

This happened

And this is how I felt

Angie and I graduated from Auburn University on the same day and the same graduation ceremony

On graduation morning, the College of Human Sciences hosted a little social for all of the graduates. How nice of them after locking us in studio for 4 years. My family got to meet all of my instructors. But that is about the time that Dr Potter decided we were going to be BFF, so my parents couldn't understand why she use to make me cry all of the time.

Wow this is a great picture of me

Elizabeth was my BFF in college, we were in Interior Design together. During graduation we sat together and made fun of the girl in front of us for her graduation cap (sorry no pic).
I can't believe I have been out of school for as long as I was a student at Auburn University. Time flies.

War Eagle!


elizabeth said...

i can't decide if i should cry or throw up! we are grandma's!!!

Natalie Roe said...

wow! four years. sometimes it feels like two, sometimes ten.

reunion anyone?

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