Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fire Pit

After we finish the bathroom, kitchen and dining room we still have a few more projects we want to finish this summer. Yep we are crazy, but these have no timeline.

The one I am most excited about

the fire pit!

I can't wait to build a fire and sit out in our imaginary Adirondack chairs wrapped up in a quilt making smores.

Here are some fire pits that we would use as inspiration

I like the flat lip around this fire pit. Makes it easy for me to have a seat and burn stuff, a favorite past time of mine.

I like this picture because of the flagstone set in the grass. We will probably do something similar since we aren't relandscaping the backyard until next year.

Now this is the updated fancy fire pit/place we will build after we knock out the back of the house and add on. Don't forget the pool.....

But back to the real world, this is probably what our fire pit will end up looking like. Since we are DIYing (is there any other way) I think this will be our best bet.

Smores & chili dogs anyone?
Anyone out there have a fire pit?


bethanypaige2 said...

i do NOT have a fire pit, but neener, i could not agree more. nothings adds to a back yard at night like a fire.... i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! good for you! i've always wanted one at the lake.. maybe in the future after necessary renovations are complete. which may never occur. but an idea. i LOVE the fire pit idea. love.

vanessa said...

We do need one at the lake, but last week when we went the water was all the way up to the deck!! Oh but you know we do need one of those chinea things for the deck! neener

Jessica said...

Outdoor Firepits are a great way to enhance your outdoor furniture living area in modern style.

jo said...

just my point of view - i love the pits you show, especially the first one. they are great for cooking hot dogs, etc. we live in the country and have an actually fire 'pit'. you dig about 8" down and as big around as you want. we put a metal ring inside the hole the go around the outer edge. we then just put field stone around the edge. the reason this kind is better is when you sit around it at night you can actually see the fire. with the kind you are looking at, you won't be able to see it unless the flames are huge. just something to keep in mind. also, if you are having a fire and you have some copper tubing scraps laying around, put some in an old rubber hose and toss it it. it produces beautiful colors.

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