Monday, May 4, 2009

Brassy to Classy

These were the lamps we used on our nightstands at the old house. They looked great there, but for some reason they looked extremely too small in the new house. So last week I sold them on craigslist for $35 for the pair, not bad considering I paid $40 for the pair in 2005.

After they sold I was on a new mission to find 2 lamps to replace the old ones.
I had my heart set on these lamps.

The problem, I didn't want to spend $80 on lamps that will hardly ever be used.
I set out to the antique and thrift stores looking for something I could make over.
On my way home from my unsuccessful shopping trip for lamps, (I did get a new sewing table and fabric cabinet for only $40!) I saw that Bad Boyz & Bad Girlz Bail Bond Co didn't sell their brass lamps at their yard sale and had them sitting out at the road. I pulled in, grabbed them up and these 2 beauties came home with me.

Since I was right by Hobby Lobby, I pulled in and used my 7th (yes 7th) 40% off coupon for the week and bought a can of spray paint.

I spray painted the lamps yesterday before church. Not recommended, I spent 30 minutes unsuccessfully trying to get all the spray paint off of my hands, arms, and feet. I stopped by Walmart after church to check out their selection of lamp shades.

Score! And they had 2 of them. Best part only $15 each!

And this is how the lamps turned out! I think they look great. The total cost:

Lamps - $0

Lamp Shades - $30

Spray Paint - $3

Total $33 for 2 lamps!

I do have another Brassy to Classy story but it will have to wait until my breezeway is finished.

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Hannah Dixon said...

The "new" lamps look great! If you ever need a partner, I'm always up for's so much fun!

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