Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bathroom Update

Well are a little behind schedule in the bathroom here at the 613 house. A lot of other little projects have been keeping us, I mean Eric busy. We were just able to demo the floor and shower walls last night. Not really sure what we are going to do tonight, I would like to get the sink out, backer board for the floor down and figure out what is going to happen in the shower/tub. Our walls are concrete block then plaster then a mortar bed, so easy to work with!

Before all the tile came down

The shower walls after, don't worry that isn't mold, the mold was only on the floor!

What the bathroom looked like this morning.
When we did our renovations in the old house, we upped our changes of getting lung disease with all of the nasty 70 year old blown insulation but I think that we solidified our fate after last night. We breathed in some nasty stuff!

We thought that we would have NuBath come in and remodel our bathtub so that was going to free up several days of work. We had them come out and give us an estimate...$6,000. Six thousand dollars people. For a basic acrylic tub liner and shower walls, it doesn't even include a soap dish or something that shaves my legs for me. For that amount I could gut the bathroom and get exactly what I want.

The tub
I can't believe I am putting this picture on here...
So it looks like we are back to square one about the tub. Don't worry, it isn't actually that nasty, we have been washing our paint brushes out in it because we thought we were getting a new tub. Nothing a good scrubbing and a reglaze can't fix.

So once again after all of that ugly, I will leave you with this pretty Hannah's Merry Mary De

My friend Hannah made this adorable dress! We get together every Tuesday night for Sip & Sew and this is what she finished last week. She loves to make and smock clothes with nontraditional funky fabrics, check out her blog header for another cute dress. If you are having a baby, you should become her friend, she will make you something like this (but that isn't the only reason to be her friend - she is a good cook). How lucky!

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