Friday, May 29, 2009

Come Monday It'll Be Alright

Because we will be closer........

brick pavers ready to be turned into my kitchen floor tonight

shower ready to be grouted Saturday

tile ready to be turned into the bathroom floor Saturday and grouted Sunday

Be back on Monday if I survive!

BTW that song always makes me think of the time my family went to the Braves / Cubs game on a Monday night in 1997. It was their "song of the night". Oh Ryan Klesko.........

Looking for this picture is making me want to go to my parents house and search for all the tons of Ryan Klesko stuff I have. I use to love him soooo much!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Brooks!

Today is my nephew's birthday

He turned
years old today. It is exciting to see him getting older, but still sad to see him grow up.

Brooks is the funniest kid around. He always calls me when there is a Charlie Brown movie on tv. When he comes to stay with us, he always has to sleep on a "pilot" instead of a pallet. He also use to call airplanes "hairplanes" and calls fabric "favric". One time he asked my mom if God uses tape or glue to put babies arms on their body. He always makes Eric play sports with him, but he does give him a half time and serves him half time water. Last time he was in Auburn he wore his full cowboy outfit with a painted mustache ALL day, everywhere we went. He spells my name Vunesu but he calls me Sissy. When he calls Claire "Clair A Belle"

Look how cute he was when he was a baby! He had the prettiest hair, everyone thought he was a girl.


Love Urk, Sissy, & ClairABelle

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This past weekend

started off nicely with this

but then we had to get to work

After 2 weeks of demo, 1 solid week of grinding and chipping plaster off concrete block walls by hand (Eric's hands, not mine) we were finally ready to waterseal the walls Friday night.

Along with the frustration of grinding and chiseling plaster came the mess. When the grinder was going, it looked like our house was on fire, all the dust looked like smoke. Didn't keep count of how many times I dusted and shopvacced the house.
since it looked like this outside most of the weekend

it meant my house looked like this, projects and saws and mess everywhere.

I did have a long overdue date with my sewing machine, I was able to make a duvet cover and pillows for the guest bedroom.

We finally got the durock put up in the shower!!

I was able to get all the kitchen cabinets and bases primed and the trim painted. It seemed like this thing was stuck to my hand all weekend.

However the weekend ended with a lot of this tile which was actually fun to put up and it just plain makes us happy! (even if it is 2 weeks behind)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Project 3/50

Have yall heard about this? I read about it on some other blogs and thought it was pretty cool.

Since I work for a small business, I think it is really important to shop small business when possible. I know that sometimes buying small business isn't always best for the wallet - I will confess that I did buy my bathroom tile from Home Depot instead of our own shop. Their price was nearly $2 a sqft lower than our COST and my tile rep wouldn't lower our cost?, so I bought big box store.
I thought it would be hard to come up with changes to our buying habits to incorporate small businesses. We don't really buy much "stuff" mostly everything we purchase is grocery type stuff so it is harder not to stay out of the chain stores.
Here are some of the things I came up with:
Now that it is summer, I plan on buying my produce from local produce stands and The Market at Ag Heritage Park on campus. We do have a local meat market I need to check out, they usually have pretty good prices.

We are relandscaping our front yard right now. Since Eric has access to a landscape license we will be buying our plants from a local wholesale nursery; so in that case buying local will save major $$. We are also buying our flagstone and driveway from a local garden center if they don't have it at the wholesale place.

Not sure if this counts, but we are getting our kitchen cabinet paint from the local Benjamin Moore store, it is independently owned so maybe that counts.

I buy a lot of fabric. I guess that fabric is my "stuff" that I buy. But it is a Paisley Jane expense. Lucky for me our local fabric store is having a sale Saturday.

I am sure Eric will keep the local co-op in business this summer and fall. He feeds his deer well, but they don't always return the favor

Oh and worst of all, there is a new donut shop in town, we supported it twice last week....

Well that wasn't too hard. What stores could you support and what stores would you miss?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fire Pit

After we finish the bathroom, kitchen and dining room we still have a few more projects we want to finish this summer. Yep we are crazy, but these have no timeline.

The one I am most excited about

the fire pit!

I can't wait to build a fire and sit out in our imaginary Adirondack chairs wrapped up in a quilt making smores.

Here are some fire pits that we would use as inspiration

I like the flat lip around this fire pit. Makes it easy for me to have a seat and burn stuff, a favorite past time of mine.

I like this picture because of the flagstone set in the grass. We will probably do something similar since we aren't relandscaping the backyard until next year.

Now this is the updated fancy fire pit/place we will build after we knock out the back of the house and add on. Don't forget the pool.....

But back to the real world, this is probably what our fire pit will end up looking like. Since we are DIYing (is there any other way) I think this will be our best bet.

Smores & chili dogs anyone?
Anyone out there have a fire pit?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Just another lunch hour

at my house. I drove up for lunch yesterday and this is what my husband was doing. He had pulled up all of the azaleas and was working on this massive 60 year old Camilla bush. Sad to see it go, but it wasn't in the right place. No worries there are some bigger than that in the back yard.

Not sure if the Camilla or Eric won. It didn't go as he had planned, he did get the bush part off, but the roots and stump are still in the ground.

To be continued...........

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Junior League Graduation

Tuesday night Junior League held their graduation / Derby party. This was my first year in Junior League so I was one of the women that "graduated" from LIT to an active member.

The party was held at one of the Ag Barns on the campus of Auburn University.

One of the things I love about AU is that this is a part of campus. You look out and see pastures and barns and then look over and see stadium lights

Inside of the barn

I was a little disappointed in the lighting choices. These light fixtures look like the ones in my elementary school auditorium. I would have chosen something more along these lines...

Since it was a Derby themed party, we all wore hats. Mine wasn't a derby hat, but I worked with what I had.

My friends and I all joined Jr League together.
We don't branch out too much, but we adopted
Mary Kathryn even though she graduated from Alabama in Interior Design.

After the party we were still hungry so we headed over to Ariccia.
Since we were still wearing our hats, everyone of course stared at us.

One man asked me if we were celebrating because I graduated from college on Saturday.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Four Years Ago Today...

This happened

And this is how I felt

Angie and I graduated from Auburn University on the same day and the same graduation ceremony

On graduation morning, the College of Human Sciences hosted a little social for all of the graduates. How nice of them after locking us in studio for 4 years. My family got to meet all of my instructors. But that is about the time that Dr Potter decided we were going to be BFF, so my parents couldn't understand why she use to make me cry all of the time.

Wow this is a great picture of me

Elizabeth was my BFF in college, we were in Interior Design together. During graduation we sat together and made fun of the girl in front of us for her graduation cap (sorry no pic).
I can't believe I have been out of school for as long as I was a student at Auburn University. Time flies.

War Eagle!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Claire Belle!

Tomorrow is this special little girl's birthday.
She will be 5

Claire was given to me by Eric for my 22nd birthday.

She makes us so happy and keeps us from wanting real kids (no offense Claire)

Claire the day she was born!

Claire's breader use to dress her up and send us pictures all the time. This one she took for Eric for Father's Day. When we went to pick Claire up, the lady had a ton of tiny dog clothes hanging on tiny dog clothes hangers. It was hilarious! Remember that Elizabeth?

Some of the things she loves to do are.......

Hunt - gross but I am proud when she catches something

Nap - more than anything else. This picture was NOT staged.

Swim -hence the lifejacket, she will swim forever if we let her.

Happy Birthday Claire Bear!

*If Claire comments on this post, I will mail all of my readers' dogs a bone!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sewing for My Sister

Last summer I was able to make a few dresses for myself. This one being my favorite. I like the style of the dress as well as the fabric, the same kind used for a men's oxford dress shirt and only $1 a yard.

The dress is made with Simplicity Pattern #3681.

Angie had asked me to make her a dress using the same pattern. She chose a cute seersucker fabric to make it out of. The worst part of sewing is cutting out the garment. So I cut it out Saturday night to get it out of the way. Plus fabrics without a designated front/back can be tricky.

I decided it was now or July to get this dress sewn. So I started on it Sunday afternoon at 4:30 and finished at 8:30. Not too bad considering I messed up on the same sleeve that I messed up on my dress and there is a ton of gathering with this dress.

The dress is a little shapeless so I made a cute little sash to tie around her waste to give the dress a better look.

Add a ribbon tag to help determine the front from the back
Excuse the blue marker, the dress hasn't been washed yet.
And don't look too close at the writing or you will see one of my mistakes.

When she tried it on it fit (huge relief) and it looked so cute. And by the looks of this picture it didn't fall apart. Which is a good thing, but not always guaranteed.

*I think I just figured out where the extra pieces that I don't use go. They are suppose to go on the neck band, but the instructions don't say how or where. But I think I know since my neckband is so much skinnier than the pattern picture.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

"Her children rise up, and call her blessed" Proverbs 31:28

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's Friday!

Not too much to report on today.
On the bathroom front we decided the best thing to do is take the morter bed and plaster off the shower walls and get it down to the concrete block. After that we are going to put 2 layers of durock up then the tile.
We did get the sink out, only to discover that the pipes are corroding enough that E wants to take the bead board off the wall and replace the sink pipes. Hopefully that will get done tonight and when we get back into town on Sunday the backerboard can go down.

I have started to think the bathroom may run into dining room week on the calendar, but we are still going to work hard and I am starting to stagger projects since there is a lot that I can't do right now. And to add onto that, the guy helping Eric with the landscaping and irrigation said he would be ready to work next week!
But something that makes me happy is the UPS man showing up at my door next week with these goodies.
I ordered this topiary from Crate & Barrel to put on my gate leg table.

photo from

I did order the bathroom faucet yesterday, can't wait to get it. Since I am cheap I won it off of ebay for $30!

bathroom faucet

I also ordered the kitchen faucet yesterday. Can't wait to have a sink that is deeper than 6" and a faucet that has an arch higher than 1". And once again since I am cheap I won this faucet too off of ebay for $70!

kitchen faucet

Well we are off this weekend to help with the bathroom renovation at the lake cabin. The sooner my parents finish this project the sooner they can come help us with ours, right mother and daddy!!?? SOS
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