Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yesterday in the yard

Last night Eric had a baseball game so it was just me and the Claire Belle. I was not really in the mood to pack and it was so pretty outside. So knowing my days in the 940 house are limited I decided to take some pictures of all the beautiful things coming up in the yard. I think this is the year that our yard looks awesome. Of course it would....

I love my Ivy. It started from 3 tiny plants and we have had to trim it several times. And the azaleas are about to pop.

The Hostas were split from my mom's hostas. This year they will finally be huge and full.

Our Japanese Maple was a gift from Eric's brother. It has grown and looks so great. Too bad we can't take it with us. A tree this size isn't in the landscape budget.

I'll miss this grass, the new grass isn't looking too hot

This Vinca started from 9 plants about 2 years ago, it finally has grown in to cover a huge bed and looks SO good!

I wish that our shade garden was bloomed out and grown in so I could get a picture before we leave. We also have tons of lilies in the back and side yard that haven't bloomed yet that I would love pictures of. But the good news is we are coming back after they bloom and splitting them to have at the new house! Most of them Eric dug up and planted for me before we were married. They have lived in 3 different homes!

But the things I do love about the new yard are the pecan, fig & pear trees and we have tons of huge 60 year old cameillas and azaleas. We even have a giant gardenia bush. The backyard will smell so good when we are outside roasting marshmallows by our firepit (put that on the looong list of things to make).


The Wileys said...

I know it looks like I stalk your blog, but you update yours more than anyone I know!
I know how you feel about your garden. I love my small beds, and told Phillip that I will be taking my hydrangeas, lilies and roses whenever our house sells. And I LOVE that you are going to have that beautiful camelia tree. Its the first thing I noticed when I saw that house for sale!

The Cosby's said...

Beautiful! I feel the same way, by the time the things we plant get big enough to enjoy, we move.

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