Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our New House

Well we have a new house! We were suppose to close yesterday but a hold up on some paper work delayed us until this morning. I was sad because I wore an extra cute outfit yesterday to get our picture made in front of the new house, but that didn't happen. Today we were both too busy at work to go to the house to get a picture, maybe tonight.

We were able to get a key yesterday so we cleaned a little last night. We LOVE our new house, but there are some things I guess we just overlooked while we were wanting the house. First of all everything looks better in daylight. The house is dark and doesn't look as good at night. Since the trim is 60 years old there has been a lot of paint on it and I would like to eventually strip it down but I think we are going to replace the door frames and baseboards with 1x6s to match the window trim. The rooms are pretty small, but just right for us. But this is all part of buying an old house. Give us a few months and it will be awesome!

We were planning on renovating the kitchen later rather than sooner, but I think the project will be pushed up to maybe May. The kitchen lighting is terrible and it is so dark at night. I wish I could rearrange the appliances but that isn't happening.

kitchen now

I am wanting to do red brick floors - something I wanted in the old house but didn't go with. We are keeping the current cabinets and painting them a shade of white. The counter tops are going to be wood, but will have a darker stain than the ones in the old house. I am still looking for a faucet. I want a bridge faucet like the one we have now. There are some funky wall panel boards behind and beside the stove, not sure their purpose - afraid to find out. We are going to be replacing those with bead board and then just run it under the cabinets for the back splash. We have had subway tile as our back splash for 3 years - love it but I am wanting to do something different and this will serve to cover up whatever is behind the boards.

Whitish cabinets

I'm thinking about handles like these for the cabinets. They are gate handles, but I like them.

This is the color I want our counter tops

our faucet

Brick floors in the kitchen


hall bathroom now - isn't the window trim great

The hall bathroom is also going to have a makeover. We flushed the toilet last night and water started to flood out from under it. Lovely, I am sure the floor is about to cave in too. I bought the white classic octagon and dot tile for the floor. I want a new faucet, light fixture and sink. I am giving the old faucet and light fixture away but still can't justify buying a new sink because I don't love the old one. We will see........


The Wileys said...

Congrats! I am so happy for you guys! Let me know if you need an extra truck to take some loads over...I'm still just down the street for a couple of more days!

The Cosby's said...

Can't wait to see the new finished look! It sounds like you have some great ideas, as always.

Hannah Dixon said...

You guys are so good at renovating! The house is great now, but I know with your magic and creativity you will truely transform it into a wonderful home. I can't wait to see it!

Rachel Setzler said...

this is extremely random--i found your blog through my sister Natalie Roe. I saw the picture of your house on a more recent post and was instantly taken back. I know the guys who used to live there very well before ya'll bought it. I have spent many a fun college night there! I have to say, the house looks about 10000x better than it did before, seeing how 3 college guys used to live there. It looks great--not a college guy's house anymore! I just wanted to say hello!

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