Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Recap

Goodbye 940!
Thursday after work we finally got the last round of our things from the old house. So empty and sad!

E & I took off of work Friday to get some projects knocked out at the new house. I did the boring like put a ton of stuff in the attic, washed the exterior of the house and all the windows (they look so good), cleaned, Eric got his room put together and I painted the deck, furniture, and master bedroom. We did get our stove hooked up and even had friends over for dinner Saturday night which was so nice, it feels like we have been isolated from the world having house stuff to do all the time.

Friday morning we woke up to a mess. It looked like someone's attic exploded on the deck and in the breezeway. It just happened that it was our attic and all of that stuff had to find a new home. We started by cleaning off the back deck and putting everything in its new home. Then I got sidetracked and wanted to do something fun.

I washed the deck to get ready for painting. Originally I was going to go with green and cream stripes. Dude at the paint counter didn't mix the paint right so I ended up with green and WHITE stripes. Maybe because I was painting in full sun and it was 90 degrees outside but the white looked too white and it was terrible. So I used the leftover paint from my chest of drawers to paint over the white stripes. I like it ok, but I may still change them down the road.

This dresser got painted. Now I just need to decide on the hardware.

Eric took this closet wall in our bedroom from this to completly drywalled, a new electrical outlet and moved the cable outlet to the wall. He had to crawl through a 3' hole in the attic which was about 160 degrees, to the other side of the house to move the wires. He came out of the attic and was soaking wet. But he was wearing his "Don't Mess With Texas" shirt so he got it done and I am so happy about the wall and my new closet!! He is seriously a genius and saved us $150 on the drywall work and about $300 on the electrical and cable work.

I couldn't decide if I wanted to paint the master bedroom or not, but I had to paint the new wall. So while looking through the paint the seller left trying to find the master bedroom paint, I found 2 cans that said Master Bedroom Walls. I noticed on the top of the can the #522 Benjamin Moore. I found my paint fan deck to look to see what color 522 was. Well I couldn't find that color because I had pulled it out and flagged it as a possible master bedroom color!! Isn't that crazy. So I took it as a sign I needed to paint my bedroom. Since the walls are not drywall in most of the room (not sure what they are) I only needed one coat so I was able to finish last night. We are going to set up our furniture tonight and actually get to sleep in our bedroom!

No I didn't find the real master bedroom color, which is the same as the rest of the house, and I also can't find the exterior house color which is disappointing. But I saved $60 by not having to buy bedroom paint.

To reward ourselves for all the hard work over the weekend, we were going to buy flowers for our planters and my new copper window box. Eric had a major headache so we had to hold that project off until today. Hopefully we can get those flowers today, I love container gardens!

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