Monday, April 20, 2009

Moving In

We are moved in sort of. We have most of our stuff moved, but our water was cut off today so we will spend our first night in the new house tonight.
This weekend I was able to unpack, clean and organize the living room, dining room, kitchen, Eric's room and the 2 bathrooms. Eric worked 25 hours this weekend and he still put plywood in the attic last night, what a man. Hopefully we can get the attic moved tonight.

I found this beautiful bird's egg on the back steps. Hopefully Claire didn't eat the baby that was inside.

This dog was a major problem child yesterday. When the cable dude came she escaped out the front door. She has been watching the neighbor's cat all week and yesterday she decided was the day to catch it. She ran all around the neighborhood and wouldn't stop for us to catch her. I called Eric at work to come home and about 30 minutes later he finally caught her. When she gets like that there is no stopping her. She was grounded for a couple of hours and I let her back outside. She started to chase a chipmunk and dug a hole so deep all you could see was her tail. She stopped when she hit a tree root and couldn't dig or chew through it, but she tried and had a piece of wood lodged in the top of her mouth.

While Claire was in time out, I painted Eric's bookcase, our tv stand and worked on my little gateleg table.

Painted and put a coat of poly on the wood top of my gate leg table.

TV stand being painted.
I'll do a post later on this sideboard and the other furniture I am working on.

I was so glad when I found this cute contact paper. I have been looking for this stuff for years. Now my cabinets don't seem dirty and I am actually excited about using them until we can work on the kitchen.

Elizabeth remember when you gave me the pink cutting board.

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Hannah Dixon said...

I'm glad you decided to use the sideboard as your TV stand...I think it will look awesome! And, I love the contact paper!!

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