Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Little Birdies

On the cap of one of our front porch columns, we have a bird nest with two baby birds.

The proud parents

We have wasted many minutes over the past couple of days watching the birds learn to fly. It really is too sweet to see the mom and daddy flying really low and slow so their baby will catch on.

so tweet!

This little guy was so scared to fly. His brother was flying around but he wasn't quite sure about the whole thing yet. I'm not sure if he did fly off the porch but he wasn't there after we finished supper.

We love birds and I hope that these guys realize there is a bird wonderland in the backyard, but their is also a pretty tough white furry guard that loves to chase a bird for the fun of it. So they should wait until they get the flying part down.

Changing subjects but to something else cute........
check out this cute fabric.

I am going to use it in the breezeway to cover a lamp shade and hopefully recover a seat cushion. The best part besides the blue matching the dresser in the room perfectly is that it came from the Dollar Tree!

The worst part, the fabric is actually 13" x 19" place mats so it will be harder to use and I may have to piece some of the place mats together. Worth a try. I'll put it on the list that is never ending.......

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The Wileys said...

Better keep Claire away from those sweet babies!

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