Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wish List

Last week my boss let me off at noon for Good Friday. I had a few minutes so I did a quick run through of my favorite antique store Angels Antiques. I was proud of myself, I walked out empty handed! Shocker!
Here are a few things that I liked

I've always loved this print in my favorite booth because it reminds me of this little boy...

Same wild hair and rosy little cheeks. I'm GOING to buy it next time I go in

Loved this mirror

Thought this was a cute way to beef up a wall sconce

This chair could be cool. Plus it was under $40 I think

I loved this piece. It was huge and with some help it could make an awesome butler's pantry. It was 50% off so only $150.oo!!

I've always LOVED this china cabinet. Such a cute and unique piece.

Loved this bins. They were $25 each which was more that I wanted to spend. Didn't need them anyway...


Hannah Dixon said...

I must have missed this post!?!? I absolutely love the butler pantry piece! which both was it in? and the tin bins...perfect for planters!

vanessa said...

To get to the butler pantry go to the very right of the store to the last aisle. It is the booth on the back left corner. I think they use LWS as their tag name. It is the same booth we bought a cabinet we used in our kitchen. To get to the bins you walk in the door and turn right. They are in probably the 4th booth against the wall after the showcases. They would make really cute planters!

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