Monday, April 6, 2009


I can finally call the bishop dress finished. I was able to get it washed and ironed this weekend now I just need to mail it. It took about 2 weeks and I have about 18 hours total from start to finish in the dress. I think it turned out really cute. I love the bright colored smocking on the white dress. The worst part about sewing for other people, you never know if something will fit so hopefully this dress will fit.

I also finally back smocked a tshirt I did for Brooks. This shirt was my first picture smock and I am very happy with my smocking. It was also my first tshirt insert and I can definitely tell! But the good thing about inserts is they can be taken out and put into another shirt or outfit.

Did you notice my hangers? In our current house we have really small closets so I am always in search for something to make our lack of closet space a little more manageable. I have wondered about Huggable Hangers for several years, but they just always seemed like a waste of money for a basically a wire hanger with velvet. I finally caved and asked Santa for Huggable Hangers for Christmas last year. I love them so much. They do create more space in my closet because they are slimmer than the plastic hangers and my clothes really do stay on them. Plus they just make you closet look so much neater.

My new closet is big enough to hold my summer and winter clothes so I just ordered another 108 pack of hangers. They were on sale so I think I only paid $78 + free shipping for the same set that is now $124. When we get moved I will have to post a picture of our organized closets. I will post Eric's closet because it is divided into navy or orange Auburn shirts, pretty funny.

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