Friday, April 3, 2009

Have you ever wondered what 69 Diaper Wipes Cases look like? No, well you are about to see anyway.

This is my last big Paisley Jane order for a couple of months. I thought I wouldn't have it done until May, but the stars aligned and all 69 cases are finished.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and Saturday with NO rain!
I'll be working the Junior League Rummage Sale from 6-9 am tomorrow morning. I am planning on packing some boxes, cleaning our kitchen and bathroom grout (been on the list for 3 weeks), going to campus and looking at all the beautiful blooms and working a little on Baron's outfit tomorrow as well. Sunday Eric will actually get to go to church since there isn't baseball, softball, track or a football scrimmage, one of which he has had on Sunday mornings since January. After church I guess we will pack some more boxes.........

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

you are so funny! i thought working saturday was bad...eeek 6-9 AM

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