Wednesday, April 8, 2009

China Cabinet

One room I am really excited about in our new house is the
dining room.

I have had a good time planning this room and hopefully it will come together as I have envisioned it. Eric is going to be building our table and I bought our chairs and a sideboard off of craigslist (I am not a matchy furniture kind of person). I'm not sure about my ceiling fixture yet, but I am really leaning towards a bell jar light.

To hold my china I was planning on using a chest of drawers but with out the drawers and put in shelves to stack the china. I got the chest off the side of the road (yeah that is my style). It was in pretty bad shape and Eric is always making fun of it and telling me he is going to use it for fire wood. Well I finally got around to working on it a couple of weekends ago, I spent about 4 hours cleaning, sanding, and staining the chest. It now looks awesome despite the fact Eric still says "V it is only good for firewood". Eric was going to make the shelves and I was going to put a cool wallpaper inside the chest. But...... yesterday while perusing craigslist I saw a china cabinet for only $50! Well last night it became mine.

It is too cute at only 5' tall. Small, but I think it will be the perfect scale for the room. And I can easily dust the top, which if you know me, that is a big plus. I do think it is a little more art deco that what I was going for, but I think I can make it work. If not, keep your eyes peeled for it on craigslist!

Now I just need to find my fabric. Saturday I am going to Birmingham to pick up my dining chairs from Elizabeth and then heading to Winfield. I will be making a stop into the local fabric store, Warehouse Fabrics (or Betty's if you are old school). Hopefully they can point me in the right direction or maybe I will find a new fabric there.

We close in less than a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Wileys said...

I cannot believe you close so soon!
I'm not matchy-matchy, either, and I think its great. Gives a home much more personality!

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