Monday, April 13, 2009

Banana Pudding, Chairs, Easter, and a Baby

Hape Ester from Brooks. I thought it was so cute how he spelled Happy Easter that I couldn't tell him it was wrong. The arrows are so people know which way to walk.

banana pudding,

Banana pudding makes every meal better. Zeb really wants some, yesterday was also his 11th birthday!

Eric had to work at baseball all weekend, so Saturday after the Junior League Art Walk I headed out of town. I stopped in Birmingham to pick up my dining room chairs and visit with Elizabeth. We drove around her adorable neighborhood of cottages and I had a great time visiting with her and JD. I left Bham and booked it to Winfield trying to make it before the fabric store closed. With 6 minutes left, I pulled up in the parking lot and they closed early! Tragedy, so the fabric search was not ended.


Sunday my parents cooked steaks for Easter lunch, (I hate ham) and they were a nice change from all the traditional food. I stuck around and watched they boys and Anna Rose hunt Easter eggs.

Brooks the master Easter egg hunter and hider

Brooks would hide the eggs and then lead you on your search. He would point to an area and say "ok I hid a green one here" so they weren't hard to find.

Brooks has mad egg hiding skills

and a baby
Yesterday when I got back into town, we went to visit Calleigh Claire. She was born early Saturday morning. It seems like we have been waiting on her for a long time and it was definitely worth the wait. She is so cute!!!

I'm not a big baby holder but I got my hands on Calleigh Claire.
Oh and call you tell which one of us uses sunscreen?

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