Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby Lillian

Monday Heather from our Supper Club finally had her baby. They didn't find out the sex of the baby or tell anyone their names so it was a double surprise! I wanted to be surprised at the hospital when I went to visit, so everyone was careful that I didn't find out if it was a he or she or the name. But then Eric called and said well did you see Lillian Grace! I was so mad!! So there went the surprise.

Isn't she so adorable!! And Lillian is my favorite girl name so that makes her extra sweet.

Me, Hannah, Mandy, Mommy & Lilly, Mary Kathryn, and Susan (due in 3 weeks!) with the newest Supper Club member. Lilly makes 11 girls, but in 3 weeks Miss Calleigh Claire will make it 12!


elizabeth said...

does it make you want one yet??

vanessa said...

Ummm she was pretty sweet but I did enjoy sleeping without a baby crying to wake me up last night so that would be a no?

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