Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Little Birdies

On the cap of one of our front porch columns, we have a bird nest with two baby birds.

The proud parents

We have wasted many minutes over the past couple of days watching the birds learn to fly. It really is too sweet to see the mom and daddy flying really low and slow so their baby will catch on.

so tweet!

This little guy was so scared to fly. His brother was flying around but he wasn't quite sure about the whole thing yet. I'm not sure if he did fly off the porch but he wasn't there after we finished supper.

We love birds and I hope that these guys realize there is a bird wonderland in the backyard, but their is also a pretty tough white furry guard that loves to chase a bird for the fun of it. So they should wait until they get the flying part down.

Changing subjects but to something else cute........
check out this cute fabric.

I am going to use it in the breezeway to cover a lamp shade and hopefully recover a seat cushion. The best part besides the blue matching the dresser in the room perfectly is that it came from the Dollar Tree!

The worst part, the fabric is actually 13" x 19" place mats so it will be harder to use and I may have to piece some of the place mats together. Worth a try. I'll put it on the list that is never ending.......

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Recap

Goodbye 940!
Thursday after work we finally got the last round of our things from the old house. So empty and sad!

E & I took off of work Friday to get some projects knocked out at the new house. I did the boring like put a ton of stuff in the attic, washed the exterior of the house and all the windows (they look so good), cleaned, Eric got his room put together and I painted the deck, furniture, and master bedroom. We did get our stove hooked up and even had friends over for dinner Saturday night which was so nice, it feels like we have been isolated from the world having house stuff to do all the time.

Friday morning we woke up to a mess. It looked like someone's attic exploded on the deck and in the breezeway. It just happened that it was our attic and all of that stuff had to find a new home. We started by cleaning off the back deck and putting everything in its new home. Then I got sidetracked and wanted to do something fun.

I washed the deck to get ready for painting. Originally I was going to go with green and cream stripes. Dude at the paint counter didn't mix the paint right so I ended up with green and WHITE stripes. Maybe because I was painting in full sun and it was 90 degrees outside but the white looked too white and it was terrible. So I used the leftover paint from my chest of drawers to paint over the white stripes. I like it ok, but I may still change them down the road.

This dresser got painted. Now I just need to decide on the hardware.

Eric took this closet wall in our bedroom from this to completly drywalled, a new electrical outlet and moved the cable outlet to the wall. He had to crawl through a 3' hole in the attic which was about 160 degrees, to the other side of the house to move the wires. He came out of the attic and was soaking wet. But he was wearing his "Don't Mess With Texas" shirt so he got it done and I am so happy about the wall and my new closet!! He is seriously a genius and saved us $150 on the drywall work and about $300 on the electrical and cable work.

I couldn't decide if I wanted to paint the master bedroom or not, but I had to paint the new wall. So while looking through the paint the seller left trying to find the master bedroom paint, I found 2 cans that said Master Bedroom Walls. I noticed on the top of the can the #522 Benjamin Moore. I found my paint fan deck to look to see what color 522 was. Well I couldn't find that color because I had pulled it out and flagged it as a possible master bedroom color!! Isn't that crazy. So I took it as a sign I needed to paint my bedroom. Since the walls are not drywall in most of the room (not sure what they are) I only needed one coat so I was able to finish last night. We are going to set up our furniture tonight and actually get to sleep in our bedroom!

No I didn't find the real master bedroom color, which is the same as the rest of the house, and I also can't find the exterior house color which is disappointing. But I saved $60 by not having to buy bedroom paint.

To reward ourselves for all the hard work over the weekend, we were going to buy flowers for our planters and my new copper window box. Eric had a major headache so we had to hold that project off until today. Hopefully we can get those flowers today, I love container gardens!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Teeth Are Free!

Tuesday I went for my last checkup at my orthodontist and he surprised me by taking my braces off!! Yea for my new straight teeth!

Please excuse my ratty appearance. We had been hanging curtains and blinds and I made Eric snap my picture before we headed off to dinner at some friends' house. Thanks Brigitte for the first cooked meal we have had since Easter, it was soooo good!

Yep we are still stoveless.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Table Of My Dreams

This morning when I opened my email I was greeted with these 2 beauties. They are only $3,290.00 each. They make my $2,500.00 Anthropologie table seem affordable.

Oh I am loving them so much, especially the second one. Eric better hurry and get my dining room table made before I start obsessing over these tables. A girl can dream..........

Monday, April 20, 2009

Moving In

We are moved in sort of. We have most of our stuff moved, but our water was cut off today so we will spend our first night in the new house tonight.
This weekend I was able to unpack, clean and organize the living room, dining room, kitchen, Eric's room and the 2 bathrooms. Eric worked 25 hours this weekend and he still put plywood in the attic last night, what a man. Hopefully we can get the attic moved tonight.

I found this beautiful bird's egg on the back steps. Hopefully Claire didn't eat the baby that was inside.

This dog was a major problem child yesterday. When the cable dude came she escaped out the front door. She has been watching the neighbor's cat all week and yesterday she decided was the day to catch it. She ran all around the neighborhood and wouldn't stop for us to catch her. I called Eric at work to come home and about 30 minutes later he finally caught her. When she gets like that there is no stopping her. She was grounded for a couple of hours and I let her back outside. She started to chase a chipmunk and dug a hole so deep all you could see was her tail. She stopped when she hit a tree root and couldn't dig or chew through it, but she tried and had a piece of wood lodged in the top of her mouth.

While Claire was in time out, I painted Eric's bookcase, our tv stand and worked on my little gateleg table.

Painted and put a coat of poly on the wood top of my gate leg table.

TV stand being painted.
I'll do a post later on this sideboard and the other furniture I am working on.

I was so glad when I found this cute contact paper. I have been looking for this stuff for years. Now my cabinets don't seem dirty and I am actually excited about using them until we can work on the kitchen.

Elizabeth remember when you gave me the pink cutting board.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Looks Like

someone has their work cut out for them this weekend........

and that someone would be me. Eekkkk!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wish List

Last week my boss let me off at noon for Good Friday. I had a few minutes so I did a quick run through of my favorite antique store Angels Antiques. I was proud of myself, I walked out empty handed! Shocker!
Here are a few things that I liked

I've always loved this print in my favorite booth because it reminds me of this little boy...

Same wild hair and rosy little cheeks. I'm GOING to buy it next time I go in

Loved this mirror

Thought this was a cute way to beef up a wall sconce

This chair could be cool. Plus it was under $40 I think

I loved this piece. It was huge and with some help it could make an awesome butler's pantry. It was 50% off so only $150.oo!!

I've always LOVED this china cabinet. Such a cute and unique piece.

Loved this bins. They were $25 each which was more that I wanted to spend. Didn't need them anyway...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our New House

Well we have a new house! We were suppose to close yesterday but a hold up on some paper work delayed us until this morning. I was sad because I wore an extra cute outfit yesterday to get our picture made in front of the new house, but that didn't happen. Today we were both too busy at work to go to the house to get a picture, maybe tonight.

We were able to get a key yesterday so we cleaned a little last night. We LOVE our new house, but there are some things I guess we just overlooked while we were wanting the house. First of all everything looks better in daylight. The house is dark and doesn't look as good at night. Since the trim is 60 years old there has been a lot of paint on it and I would like to eventually strip it down but I think we are going to replace the door frames and baseboards with 1x6s to match the window trim. The rooms are pretty small, but just right for us. But this is all part of buying an old house. Give us a few months and it will be awesome!

We were planning on renovating the kitchen later rather than sooner, but I think the project will be pushed up to maybe May. The kitchen lighting is terrible and it is so dark at night. I wish I could rearrange the appliances but that isn't happening.

kitchen now

I am wanting to do red brick floors - something I wanted in the old house but didn't go with. We are keeping the current cabinets and painting them a shade of white. The counter tops are going to be wood, but will have a darker stain than the ones in the old house. I am still looking for a faucet. I want a bridge faucet like the one we have now. There are some funky wall panel boards behind and beside the stove, not sure their purpose - afraid to find out. We are going to be replacing those with bead board and then just run it under the cabinets for the back splash. We have had subway tile as our back splash for 3 years - love it but I am wanting to do something different and this will serve to cover up whatever is behind the boards.

Whitish cabinets

I'm thinking about handles like these for the cabinets. They are gate handles, but I like them.

This is the color I want our counter tops

our faucet

Brick floors in the kitchen


hall bathroom now - isn't the window trim great

The hall bathroom is also going to have a makeover. We flushed the toilet last night and water started to flood out from under it. Lovely, I am sure the floor is about to cave in too. I bought the white classic octagon and dot tile for the floor. I want a new faucet, light fixture and sink. I am giving the old faucet and light fixture away but still can't justify buying a new sink because I don't love the old one. We will see........

Monday, April 13, 2009

Banana Pudding, Chairs, Easter, and a Baby

Hape Ester from Brooks. I thought it was so cute how he spelled Happy Easter that I couldn't tell him it was wrong. The arrows are so people know which way to walk.

banana pudding,

Banana pudding makes every meal better. Zeb really wants some, yesterday was also his 11th birthday!

Eric had to work at baseball all weekend, so Saturday after the Junior League Art Walk I headed out of town. I stopped in Birmingham to pick up my dining room chairs and visit with Elizabeth. We drove around her adorable neighborhood of cottages and I had a great time visiting with her and JD. I left Bham and booked it to Winfield trying to make it before the fabric store closed. With 6 minutes left, I pulled up in the parking lot and they closed early! Tragedy, so the fabric search was not ended.


Sunday my parents cooked steaks for Easter lunch, (I hate ham) and they were a nice change from all the traditional food. I stuck around and watched they boys and Anna Rose hunt Easter eggs.

Brooks the master Easter egg hunter and hider

Brooks would hide the eggs and then lead you on your search. He would point to an area and say "ok I hid a green one here" so they weren't hard to find.

Brooks has mad egg hiding skills

and a baby
Yesterday when I got back into town, we went to visit Calleigh Claire. She was born early Saturday morning. It seems like we have been waiting on her for a long time and it was definitely worth the wait. She is so cute!!!

I'm not a big baby holder but I got my hands on Calleigh Claire.
Oh and call you tell which one of us uses sunscreen?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Just a little Claire Belle

When I was in the yard earlier this week taking pictures, I had a little distraction.

Take my picture chewing my stick.

Look what I found, you thought you packed all my toys but I've been hiding them in the yard.

Throw it to me!

BARK! BARK! Listen did you not get the hint lady! Stop taking my picture and throw me my toy! She has gotten really bad about barking at us if we don't give her a bite of our food or throw her toys to her.

Oh wait, is that David (our resident squirrel and Claire's friendemy) in the tree?

Well I'll just chase David since you won't play with me

Sorry the pictures are so blurry but that is what you get taking a picture of a dog that keeps using your legs as a trampoline.

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