Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yesterday I was able to knock out my to do list..........

(I only made the 2 long pillows and sewed the trim on the panel curtains yesterday, I'm not that quick!)

Pillows & curtains for my parent's house. This is just one pattern, I already delievered the floral patterned pillows.

Calleigh Claire's curtain - just a valance

3 wipes cases for Giggles & Coos

sorry this picture won't rotate, just tilt the computer screen

And finally I was able to start smocking. I am using hot pink, light pink and apple green in a geometirc print. I want to work some more on the dress tonight, but I have Dinner Club with my girls so we will see how late I want to stay up. Hopefully more progress to show soon.

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The Cosby's said...

I love the paisley/polka dot valance. It matches my blog design perfect!

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