Monday, March 9, 2009

This weekend my bff from college and I went to Dothan to this yardsale! We love to read Darby's & Erika's blogs and were so excited to meet them.

The only thing I really wanted to buy was designer fabric that Erika was bringing. I have a slight fabric obsession, I pretty much collect it. All week I was getting worked up and anxious that I would drive up and someone would be holding my dream fabric. But when I got there I was surprisingly good. I didn't buy any fabric that I didn't need. But I was so bummed over some designer quilt fabric scraps that someone got to first. I did end up with a few good ones and I'm thinking about making a coin quilt. There was a barn painting that I wish I had bought soooo badly.

On the way home I stopped in Montgomery at one of my favorite antique malls Eastbrook Flea Market. I am in the market for a china cabinet and dining room table for our new house. Usually I find a ton of things that I "need" but I left empty handed. I did find this dinging room table. It was gate leg (which I love), had 3 leaves and seated 6. But I couldn't pull the trigger.

Yesterday I went to Angel's and found this table and chairs. It seats 6 as well. I'm not in love with the chairs but I think once the stain and cushion fabric is changed they will look tons better. I can't decide. I think I will drag Eric there tonight to get another opinion.


The Wileys said...

What did Eric think of the stuff at Angel's?

vanessa said...

He thinks those are ok, but we saw one at Anthropologie that he really wants it is $2500 so if we do it we will be making it...

The Wileys said...

Are they dipped in gold for that much?

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