Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Moving On Up!

our new pad

Tuesday we found out we are going to be the owners of this house! It is less than a mile from campus and in walking distance to our favorite restaurant. We had originally looked at it in July 2008 but it ruled it out because it is sort of small and wayyyyyyyy overpriced. Then just to cross it off our list for sure we went back to look at it 2 weeks ago and today it is ours! We close in April.

The house is mostly move in ready. The first project will be the front yard. We are wanting to do new landscaping and put in a circle drive which I would love to be made of huge pieces of flagstone, but.... Then we will move on to the hall bath and kitchen. I am really excited to be able to tackle some more home projects. Stay tuned for the before and afters. Click on the picture to make it larger.
At the same time we are sad to leave our first home. It has so many memories that we will take with us.
The night of our wedding rehearsal dinner we ran across the street from the church to have the papers notarized and sent off to make the home ours.
We gutted a bathroom, living room ceiling and kitchen over the past 3 years. We also gutted the front and backyards. Many of the lilies and iris in the yard are some that Eric dug up for me and planted at my college home before we got married. We took flagstone from the creek at the farm and made our walkways (glad that project is over).
We sat and talked on the back porch for hours after work and we never had a bad day in that house.
There is a squirrel in our backyard named David. Our dog Claire will chase him back and forth for hours. We haven't figured out a way to take him to the new house yet but we will miss him too.
It was the perfect first home and it was just us.

The buyers of our home will take care and love the house like we did which makes us so happy.

our 1st house


bethanypaige2 said...

wow... a new house. congratulations! quite a big deal! and i love that on your picture of it that you added in the circle drive - it looks great :)
i feel like david will miss claire very much. such the friendship they have! maybe he will be like a cat or dog that gets lost then months later appears at the new home.... if he does, what a great movie..

Katie said...

Congrats on the new house. It's so cute and I know with y'all in it it's going to turn out so awesome!!!! Good luck and again many congrats : )

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