Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Making of a Bishop Dress

Last night I was finally able to get together with my two friends Hannah & Brigitte to sew. I have been wanting to make my niece a white angel sleeved bishop dress but haven't had the time and honestly I had forgotten how to make a bishop.

I wish I had taken pictures of the pieces before they were sewn to use as a future reference, but left my camera in the car. Hannah lives out in the countryish and it is realllllly dark out there, but I braved it and ran to my car by myself and got my camera. (if you know me you know that is a big deal to go to my car in the dark)

Can you guess what it is. I only messed up 1 time on the whole dress. It wouldn't be sewing if you didn't use your seam ripper at least once!

my bff - Jack The Seam Ripper

finally got the sleeves right

before pleating, it looks so big

Hannah has a pleater and pleated the dress for me. She told me twice to mark my center before pleating and I forgot (make that 2 mess ups) so I just guessed on the center.

just pleated

Hannah helped me block the dress off and then I doused it with spray starch and dried it.

drying the starch after blocking

I am hoping to start smocking today. Once I get started on something I really want to finish. I'll add it to my to do list for the day: make 3 diaper wipes cases for Paisley Jane, make Calleigh Claire's curtains, finish Angie's curtains & two pillows for her room at my parents' house, and start smocking!


The Cosby's said...

I want to see the finished product! Is this niece, Chloe Beth?

elizabeth said...

i hate you and your talent...gosh, i just need a teacher

vanessa said...

Ashley it is for Chloe Beth!
and Elizabeth you do just need a teacher, that is all I had! And Bham has

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