Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hot Breakfast Wednesday

Last week I decided I was going to cook Eric a hot breakfast once a week and Wednesday was the chosen day.

The plan was almost scratched because the tarp at the baseball field had to be pulled before it started to rain, but with one check of the radar (Eric can tell you up to the minute when it will rain) I got the all clear to start cooking. I only had to wake up 30 minutes early, but I needed those 30 minutes after staying up late sewing.

I made steak and biscuits with scrambled eggs. Eric had never really had steak and biscuits but my mom cooks them and they are so good. I didn't make the biscuits from scratch like she does, so frozen will have to do. I do have a recipe for frozen biscuits that don't have trans fats but Eric doesn't think they rise enough so I guess he will make do with store bought ones.

It was fun eat a real breakfast but back to oatmeal and my extra 30 minutes of sleep the other 6 days of the week.

But in other more exciting news (at least to me) I am almost finished with my bishop dress. Last night I was back at Hannah's house to sew, but I only finished the placket. I am hoping to do the neck band tonight then I will just have to hem and put in the sleeve trim. Hopefully I will be finished with the dress this weekend and have it mailed out for an early Easter gift. We are about to start packing boxes for the move and I know I will pack this dress up and it will never be seen again.

I bought this pattern and would like to start on it for Baron. I think he will be adorable in the little bubble! Stay tuned for a cute boy's outfit.

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