Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New York City at Christmas

We made a quick trip to NYC last weekend.  It has ALWAYS been my dream to see all of the Christmas windows and decorations at Christmas.  This was the year to make those dreams come true.  And yes we took a 17 month old along with us.  Dutch is a pretty good kid and isn't very wild so we though he would do ok.  He did great especially considering he is a creature of habit and NYC was sooo out of his little world.  
We packed a lot into 3 days.  If it was just me and Eric there would be a lot more that I would have tried to pack in but since Dutch was with us we knew it would be a simple trip.  I made a list of what we wanted to do each day and thankfully we checked everything off and still had a lot of down time. I was going to dump it all into one post but there are too many photos for the family to see so I've got it in two posts.  We left Thursday and got to NYC around 6pm.  Dutch was a sweet little angel and slept the whole time on the plane.  

We used Jupiter car service to get us from the airport since they offer a car seat option.  It was perfect.  We stayed at the Hyatt in Times Square.  I booked the room in June and they were almost sold out.  I also booked the double queen room so we would have more space.  It was a great size for a New York hotel room.  Location was perfect, not too loud and we only rode the subway 2 times. 

 When we got to NYC the first stop was Shake Shack.  Oh yeah our favorite place ever in the world.  

Then we walked over to the Rockefeller Plaza area.  It was about 9 pm by now so it wasn't crowded at all.  

The tree.  I made it.  Dutch saw a bus, Eric ate Shake Shack and I saw the tree.  We can go home now.

This is my favorite photo from the whole trip.  Dutch didn't really feel good and it was way past bedtime.  ha. 

Saturday morning started off right.  Dutch pooped on my and also threw up on me.  After that he was a happy baby and ready to do something fun.  ;)

I had read the a line formed to get into FAO Schwartz so that was our first destination.  On the way there we walked by the storefront windows.  We didn't have to fight a crowd. 

Yea we made it to FAO Schwartz!  Dutch was so excited to see all of the stuffed animals.  I am a toy scrooge but I would have bought him every single thing in that store.  He settled on a taxi, Curious George stuffie and a NYC book.  

I just can't decide!

We found George in the big city!

Playing on the big piano

Dutch did really well in his stroller.  I bought a Quinny Zapp stroller for use in NYC.  It folded up really small for the subway and didn't take up a ton of space on the streets.  The only negative is that the stroller doesn't recline but Dutch took many naps in it anyway.  When he didn't want to ride we took turns carrying him.

After FAO Schwartz we headed to Serendipity for lunch.  It was delicious as always, but kind of your worst nightmare if you have a toddler.  So little room and so many things to break.  Dutch was really good for the most part.

After lunch we headed to The Plaza Hotel to see Santa.  There was no line and he was really sweet.  I loved seeing all of the little girls dressed up and going to Eloise's tea room.

Trying to let Dutch run around in Central Park

Since we got such an early start we were finished with our list by 2:00!  We headed back to the hotel and everyone took a really long nap.

After Dutch woke up we decided to blow his mind and take him to the M&M store.  Mission accomplished.

We did a little shopping then it was back to the hotel for bed.

Poor wind chapped baby.  It was cold in NYC 30's but not as cold as I was trying to prepare myself for.  I would have loved snow but was happy that there was no chance of snow or rain in the forecast since that meant less shoes and clothes we had to travel with.  I packed us only 4 outfits each and figured if something got messed up we could just buy more clothes ;).  I did have to buy a new pair of pjs.  I was able to wear cords and keep my legs warm.  Eric and I both wore button ups and a sweater with a jacket.  We were plenty warm.  I wasn't sure what to do about shoes.  Thankfully I didn't have to take a waterproof option.  I ended up taking a pair of booties that I never wear at home.  Last time we went to New York I got about 3 years worth of wear on my shoes in just a few days so I didn't want to take a fav pair of shoes and them get worn out. I also bought a pair of boots to take in case my feet hurt with the booties, I hated them and only wore them on our travel days to save space in the suitcase.  My feet never hurt and we walked about 22 miles the whole trip!   Dutch wore a pair of leggings under his clothes and this heavy jacket with a hood (he refuses to wear a hat).  He wore 2 pair of socks and these Gap boots, we also put a blanket over him in the stroller.  His skin was always warm when we got back to the hotel.  A lot of people had the rain cover on their stroller to keep the wind out and that was pretty smart.

Ok that is a wrap on the first couple days of our trip.  Thanks for reading along and putting up with a ridiculous amount of family photos and info.  I have a terrible memory now so it is helpful to read back on travel posts so I know what worked for us.  One thing that we wished we had was a selfie stick.  Yep we made fun of the people that had them and then we saw them in a store and laughed.  Guess who is laughing at all of our terrible family photos now.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Walmart Favs

One of the most unanswered questions of all time is "why does Walmart only have 2 registers open?". I now know that answer.  To back the line up to the clothes.  That me in line this week when I spotted a few things that ended up going home with me.  I know I'm so fancy.

It was love at first touch with this sleep shirt.  I can't really see myself sleeping in it but lounging around the house, oh yes.  But it is 74* outside right now so looking at it makes me sweat!

These are my favorite leggings.  They are thick and they hold everything in.

I didn't get this wrap but my sister did and it is awesome.  It is suppose to be "lounge wear" but I would probably wear it as normal wear.

I didn't buy these yesterday but they are my favorite pants.  I bought them as a cheap option for work pants last year after having Dutch.  They were so comfy that I bought some for this winter.

I really wanted this jacket to work.  It just didn't fit me right but it is super cute.

This isn't in stores but I loooove it!

In other news I am finished Christmas shopping!  Fa la la la la!

Do you follow Woah Wait Walmart?  They are always posting Walmart goodness.  No that isn't an oxymoron.

Monday, December 1, 2014

How To Prevent The Stomach Virus and Thanksgiving 2014

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving week!
We did.  We went to my parent's house and Eric's parents and sister came from Texas.  But before all of the good, Wednesday night Dutch started to throw up.  His first time ever.  One of the kids had the stomach virus earlier in the week so Dutch was the lucky one to get it next.  Thankfully he didn't get sick in the car!  Since it was the day before Thanksgiving I googled 100% grape juice for the stomach virus.  I had seen something about it on instagram months back.  We bought the grape juice and started chugging.  In the comments of that same blog post someone said to boil vinegar to kill germs.  My mom did that.  It didn't smell great but she did it while everyone was in bed and the smell was gone in the morning.  The grape juice and vinegar must have worked because no one else got sick.  Not even me and Dutch slept on me that night!

Welch's Grape Juice - 2014 Thanksgiving MVP!

Thursday Dutchie Man was back to normal and we had a great Thanksgiving.

As you can see his love for cowboy boots is already strong!

Ok the rest of this post is for my mom memory!

Friday we went to Tuscaloosa for Thanksgiving/Christmas with my Dad's family.  I know it was hard being in T-town so close to the Iron Bowl.  Ick. 

Give that baby a tractor and he is happy. 

Holidays look a little differetn this year now that both of my Grandmother's have passed away in the past few months.  BUT my Nana loved Dirty Santa so Dirty Santa we will play.  There was just one twist- all of the gifts had to be handmade.
It was so fun seeing everyone's creations.  In case you need ideas for your own handmade Dirty Santa there was a soap dispenser made from a mason jar, pallet Christmas tree, painted wine glasses, windchime made from my Nana's silverware etc., bracelets made from guitar strings and Nana's jewelry, knit beanie, handcarved knife with pumpkin and apple butter, handcarved spoon, ornaments from wine corks, coasters from wine corks, pineapple habanero hot sauce, trail mix and chocolate covered pretzels, framed recipes from Nana, and a state photo frame.  I wish we had taken a photo. It was so fun seeing everyone's creations, I can't wait until next year.  

Saturday was the Iron Bowl.  Eric was on ESPN Game Day!!!  So cool!  Watch it HERE.  His story starts around 1:40.

Cousins divided!

The game didn't go the way us Auburn fans wanted but it is still great to be an Auburn Tiger!
Sunday was the perfect end to a great week.  My niece was baptized.  So happy she is now my sister in Christ!

And then we loaded up and came home.  Now on to Christmas!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

This year for Halloween Dutch was.....
an Auburn football player for daycare Halloween.

And Claire for trick or treating!

 He is obsessed with dogs right now so his costume was perfect.  

I love Halloween costumes that have something handmade on them. This was super simple, I just basted some fur onto the stomach of a white romper, added a little tail and I was done with that.  His collar is super cute, just a piece of felt with a cardboard name tag.  I ordered his puppy cap off of etsy and added the fur to the ears.

Woof Woof!

We headed up to spend Halloween with Dutch's cousins.  It was probably the only time we will get to be with all of Dutch's cousins on Halloween.  The festivities were around the time that he wants to be in bed so we were afraid he would act like a dog with rabies, but all was well.

Just for fun last year
Donald Duck Dutch

Friday, October 31, 2014

Fall-ing Behind

Catching up on fall around here...
A few years ago I saw a Frankenstein front door for Halloween and this year I had to do my own with my new green front door! Yessssssss!

Before I franked the door I had a pumpkin that my BIL Joe made.

I moved it to the fence but had to stain it orange because it was too camo'd by the fence.

If you want a pumpkin of your own you can email me or contact Joe 334-707-0227, he will hook you up will pumpkins of all sizes.  Smaller than mine, same size as mine, bigger than mine and really big that can stand alone in the yard.  Your own pumpkin patch.

I love Halloween and the cute and cheesy decorations that go along with it.  Dutch has enjoyed all of the pumpkins and a few Halloween other things we have around the house.  Next year though I am blowing it up with Halloween decorations and maybe a backyard carnival.

We just barely made it to the pumpkin patch before Halloween.

Dutch wouldn't get out of Eric's arms so we didn't even get a picture of him with a pumpkin.  But a mullet and baby in overalls without a shirt count for something right?

We found some pumpkins after all.

Aww same place last year.  We can just pretend that nothing had changed.

We have been partaking in a lot of the holiday's finest, Halloween Oreo's.  Dutch has learned all about dunking an Oreo.  Next we will learn how to not make a huge mess with one.

Can you say great parents?  You know the kind that give out Oreos after nap time!

Fall has been fun but it has been fast this year.  It has also been pretty warm.  Perfect to squeeze in some corduroy shorts!

Dutch is concerned about the cold weather ahead.

Have a great Halloween!
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